A short analysis of urban battles in the last 30 years & the battle for Mariupol
A person who says he is a Ukrainian combat engineer has already claimed the glory of destroying a whole Battalion Tactical Group and killing 1500…
Translation of a story by late Russian writer Konstantin Krylov, published in 2003 under the nom de plume Mikhail Kharitonov.
A popular Russian blogger's historical, cultural & geopolitical analysis of what's happening in Ukraine, written well before the war
"There is a constant rustling of wings in my soul."
An essay by D. Galkovsky. Translation by RWA.
G. K. Chesterton and Nikolay Gumilyov go to Africa together. A short story in honor of Gumilyov's 135th birthday.
Part IV of Dmitry Galkovsky's series of blog posts on the history of Rome and Christianity. An original translation.
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